Adding Screens and Grills as Your Next Florida Home Improvement Project

For most Floridians, the best way to clean a house’s exterior is to use the pressure washing method. There are a lot of Florida cleaning companies which offer excellent pressure washing services for the home. Hiring a professional with a commercial hot water pressure washer will save you a lot of time and backache. In a tropical climate, pressure washing is a fast and easy way to get rid of stubborn dirt, molds, mildew and deep grime. It can also be very helpful when the homeowner is planning on repainting the house anyway. Considering the bright sunlight, the house’s paint job fades a lot quicker compared to houses in other states.

There is no doubt that Florida is one of the best places to live in. It has a tropical climate, and cool weather for most of the year, and the locals have an almost laid back attitude which even California residents would envy. This is one place where homemakers and do-it-yourselfers would consider as the perfect place to plant roots, have a home and raise a family. Even cleaning the home can be a little different from the rest of the country.

Florida Home Improvements

As any Florida resident will tell you, the sun and heat of Florida is totally different from the rest of the country. This wreaks havoc on the homeowners as well. On the coast, the wind is humid with a hint of the sea. Inland, the air is still humid and feels heavy. This feeling comes from the swampy and marsh-filled land which is very common within the state. The heavy water laden air brings with it unique problems for homeowners. For one, it can cause wood to warp. Aluminum sidings are prone to oxidation which leaves a layer of whitish crust on the exposed metal. Dirt and grime easily accumulates in cracks and seams. Finally, the bright sunlight causes exterior paint jobs to fade quickly. This results in the signature pastel colors of Florida’s art deco structures to have that permanent slightly faded look. For the homeowner, there is a constant battle of keeping the home in pristine condition.

On top of the exterior finish, Florida houses almost always have grills and screens. Screen doors and windows help prevent insects from getting inside the home. With some areas close to marshes and swamps, the threat of insect-borne diseases is very real. Besides, insects are easily attracted to lights inside homes. In addition, it also allows homeowners to keep their doors open for better ventilation. If your home does not have screen doors, or screen windows, this should be a good home improvement project. It can be easily done by a professional home improvement company. Getting screens done by professionals also help improve the home’s exterior.