Cape Coral Real Estate

Cape Coral, Florida is the tenth fastest growing city in the United States. Real estate has soared over 27% in the past year alone. Cape Coral began in the late 1950’s by real estate developers and now has a population of over 100,000. Nearly 40 years later we are still developing the real estate in Cape Coral. When it is complete Cape Coral will support a half million residents, making Cape Coral the largest city on South West Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Cape Coral’s natural beauty and tropic living is attracting people from all over the world. Miles of beaches, rivers and waterways bring the people to Cape Coral, but it is the people and their entrepreneurial spirit that creates the thriving economy.

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To purchase Cape Coral real estate online, simply visit the View Florida Homes for Sale page. Click on the Buy Now feature. Print and fill out the Intent to purchase, then mail it in with your $500 deposit. Once the Intent to Purchase is accepted, a contract will be written and sent over night to you. Simply sign the contract and send it back with your $4500 escrow deposit. If you need a mortgage visit Beach Mortgage of the Treasure Coast.