How to Clean Your Carpets More Efficiently

Many people have a hard time getting their carpets to be as clean as possible. It’s not always easy to do this. With hardwood floors or tile you can easily mop or sweep away a mess, but you can’t exactly do that with a carpet. This article will discuss three ways to get your carpet cleaner with ease: how to vacuum in a better way and how to treat spills and stains. The tips in this article are from carpet cleaning company, All Points ChemDry.

Vacuuming Tips

There are many different ways to make sure that you get the most out of your vacuum. Firstly, make sure that the bag in your vacuum is empty, or at least has enough room in it to vacuum your whole carpet. Also, many vacuums have problems with getting strings or pieces of hair or other debris struck in their bristles. If you have any of theses things stuck in your vacuum, then you should try to remove them before you start to vacuum. This will make vacuuming much easier, as you will be better able to pick up things without having to vacuum over them twice. Once you are sure that your vacuum is ready to go, try to clean up some of the larger debris off of your carpet. Especially make sure that no large objects are in the way, as your vacuum will not be able to pick these objects up, and if it can, then it is likely to hurt your vacuum. Once you do this, you are ready to vacuum your carpet. Vacuum as you usually would on your carpet. If you have carpeted stairs, then you will want to use the detachable vacuum nozzle to clean this area. The vacuum nozzle is especially great when you need to get into hard to reach areas, like under your furniture. You can learn more vacuuming tips by visiting Bomar Chem-Dry’s Anaheim carpet cleaning service page. They have a ton of free information on their website that will help anyone who is looking to have a germ free carpet.

Treating Stains or Spotsclean carpets better

Sometimes you don’t need to clean your whole carpet, but only one spot where your pet may have thought was the toilet, or your child may have spilled their juice. One tip for cleaning stains in your carpet is to use a white cloth. This will make it easier to see if you are actually cleaning up the stain or not. This is especially helpful if you are trying to clean a stain from a colored carpet. Many people also use brushes to clean stains off of their carpets, but this is a bad idea, as it can fray the fibers in the carpet. Stores sell many chemical-filled carpet cleaners, but you can easily use things that aren’t as harsh or smelly to clean your carpets as well. For example, one simple thing that can help to remove many stains from your carpet is club soda. By pouring a little of this into your carpet and letting it sit, it can make it easier to remove a stain. Sometimes using hand or dish soap can also help to lift stains, especially if it is a food that is on the carpet. When you do clean your carpet, whether with chemical cleaners or a homemade solution, don’t rub it into the carpet. Instead of rubbing, dab your solution on your carpet. This makes it easier to clean the stain without messing up your carpet. When you are done cleaning your carpet with your cleaning solution, make sure to rinse it. The best way to rinse a carpet is to dab warm water on your carpet with a clean cloth. After doing this, make sure to dry the area to prevent mold growth.

Using these tips can help you to have a cleaner carpet. Good luck!