Safeguard Your Gutter

Safeguard Your Gutter

Not many of us give the time to think about the gutters in our home until it is clogged and ruins our daily plans. Gutters are one of the important channels of water excretion from a property and hence when one is clogged, all hell breaks loose. In my personal experience, I think using filters will help in keeping the rubbish from entering the gutter thereby minimizing the chances of it clogging. This will prevent large sized particles from enterting the gutter.

You need to run helter skelter to find such filters as any home improvement store will have it. You can also choose to order online. There are also special gutter covers that can be purchased to blog dust, snow and ice entering it, hence ensuring that all is well even during the coldest of temperatures.

Proper downspout will make sure there are no problems in draining out the liquid from the gutters. One of the main obstacles in the liquid flowing path are the leaves as there are many possibilities for them to reach the gutters especially during the fall season. Gutters hoods are also good options for preventing the entry of leaves. Usually gutters will be at heights and in case if I climb a ladder for cleaning it, I wear a helmet for safety reasons. Most people do not take proper precautions while doing such works, if they follow these precautions many people can be saved from serious injuries.

Removing Ice Dams

During the winters it is a common sight to see ice dams in the gutters. It is important to take care of them immediately or else it will cause serious damage. The easiest way to remove the ice from gutters will be using heating elements on the roofs as they will melt the ice dams easily and allow the water to flow through the gutters. In such situations, one has to know what should not be done rather than what should be done.

What you shouldn’t do
When I tried to clear the ice dams for the first time on my own I used a chisel in order to remove the ice and guess what happened. Along with the ice I managed to take out a part of my gutter which led to an extra bill. Hence, one has to be sure about using tools before implementing.

Another mistake that we would tend to do will be adding salt in the ice. Though it might help you for melting the ice in the gutter it will also damage the plants in the garden as the water with salt will end in the garden in most of the houses.

It is vital to make sure no damage is caused due to ice to people as gutters can be at good heights in many houses. There are many technological developments which has led to the invention of many instruments that prevents such ice dam formations in the gutter. It is best recommended to use such instruments so that you stay tension free and will not require any other extra precautions.

Autumn Cleaning Of Gutters
Fall is another season when it will be very difficult to clean the gutters as there will be lots of leaves. During this season all the trees will be shedding their leaves, hence the amount of leaves in the gutters will also increase. Gutter covers and gutter screens will come handy as they will prevent the leaves from falling into the gutters and making it easy for the people to clean.

The Gutter Helmet
Gutter helmet is another way that can help you to make sure that there are less problems created due to the unnecessary objects in the gutters. In my house I made this arrangement while constructing the house itself as the curved or slope model of this will make it easy for the melted water to flow as well as when the wind blows it will be easy for the leaves to fly away. This plan usually does not require any manual intervention whereas the previous ones will require it. Since I use the gutter helmets it does not take more time for me to clean the roofs and gutters.