Small Things That Count – Beautifying Your Laundry Room

Focusing on home improvement, real estate, yard work, kitchen redesigns and all the larger issues of making your home more perfect for you and your family tends to leave out some of smaller areas of the house, like the basements, attics, spare bed rooms, and the focus of this article, the laundry room.

Laundry rooms are the oft forgotten step child of the home. They are viewed as utilitarian (since the only time you go in there is to get a job done, not to relax), they aren’t often viewed by visitors, family or friends like other areas of the house are (so no need to impress, right?) and they tend to be the place where you, quite literally, air your dirty laundry.

But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be made more perfect, just like the rest of your home. Think about it like this, if you spend half hour to an hour a week doing laundry, that equates to up to 2 full days a year in your laundry room. Why not make that time as enjoyable as possible, and that starts with treating it just like any other important room in your home.

Easy Going Design and Layoutlaundry-room

First things first, the main purpose of the room is to get a task accomplished, i.e. get clothes to your washer/dryer and get them folded and ready to be worn again. This means you need to focus on the ease at which these tasks are done. So take a critical view at the layout of your room and how easy it is to navigate. Can you get in and out easily? How cramped is it? Do you have room to fold the clothes or do you feel claustrophobic?

If you only have a small area which you dedicate to your washing machines, consider getting a stackable washer/dryer combination. These get go one on top of the other and instantly give you an extra 10 square feet of room to maneuver. In addition, consider storing all your soaps, detergents, fabric softeners, etc underneath your folding table, instead of taking up valuable floor room.

Getting the right about of space and an easy, ergonomic working environment for your laundry room will make the process easier and perhaps even enjoyable. But we don’t stop at function, let’s think about ambiance.

Choose a Relaxing Color Scheme and Invest in a Fresh Paint Job

Once you have a relaxing layout, pair it with a relaxing paint job. Don’t be shy about this, invest in a good paint, perhaps white/blue combination, or a pastel pink/yellow, or whatever fits your needs. I usually opt to go with Spring Colors (conveys a fresh/clean feeling) and consider getting a professional to do it. It’s usually a small job in terms of square footage, so unless you consider yourself an excellent painter, I might drop a couple hundred bucks to get it done really well. It will last a long time and make your time spent much more enjoyable and relaxing.

Consider this principle of focusing on the little things when you think about your next home improvement project. Sure, we all need a new roof or a new back deck, but what about spicing up something smaller, like a hallway, cleaning out and freshening up an attic or basement, or maybe making a foyer much more interesting with a new paint job. In this case, we focused on the often ignored laundry room, but you can apply the principle to pretty much any area of your house that doesn’t get much attention.